The Form Book

The Form Book

Creating Forms for Printed and Online Use

Borries Schwesinger

Consistency of image and behavior are the messages that should be conveyed through corporate identity in all its aspects. If forms express this kind of consistency, continuity, competence and seriousness they will build trust in the company's efficiency. For example, a business trying to sell precision products needs to illustrate its precision in its forms, just as a company offering simple solutions will gain its customer's trust through simple forms.

It is especially important that contractual forms convey an impression of the utmost reliability. This, after all, is the trickiest moment in any commercial relationship, and a frustrating form can undo all the preceding efforts to build up a user's trust and confidence.

Since forms organize and reflect internal structures, they are a good indication of how credible a company's corporate identity may be. Bad forms can have dire consequences, because they provide tangible evidence that a company's image does not match its reality. To ensure that this image is not merely skin deep, it should be promoted in all aspects of the company's activities, including the design of forms.