These Days

Jack Cheng

For the hungry and foolish

Sometimes it’s about what you choose not to read,” she said. “Every book we read or movie we see, every little experience becomes a part of who we are. If we’re all watching the same things and reading the same things and listening to the same things, then our conversations would end up going in circles

Connor immediately forgot all their names

Did our ancestors stand around in caves arguing over whether the antlers on the drawing of the deer should have twelve or fourteen points? No, of course not. They were too busy throwing spears at stuff and running from lions and trying not to die. They were out doing real things, expressing their humanity as if their lives depended on it, because their lives did depend on it.

everyone has ideas, but it’s only through putting work out into the world that a truly creative individual can effect change.

“You should blog about this or something.” “I know, man. I gotta redesign my blog first though.”

Resistance to technology is as old as technology itself. Because technology is change, and change is difficult to accept.