The Boy Kings

Katherine Losse

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. “Never apologize, never explain,” Roland Barthes wrote in The Pleasure of the Text,
“The king stay the king, unless he a smart-ass pawn.”
Anthropologist Robin Dunbar proposed in a 1992 article that approximately 150 is the maximum number of people that any individual was able to know and keep up with at a given time.
Internationalization, like everything else, follows the money.
As the engineering team grew into the hundreds, the product teams were refashioned on the model of little startups, with their own war rooms, so that they could feel like small companies despite being part of the larger group.
“You are what you do. If you don’t do it anymore, how can it be your culture?
I didn’t know anyone in the Bay Area—Facebook employee or not—who didn’t obsessively read their social media feeds and construct real and online conversations almost entirely out of these threads.
People were too busy reading their screens to talk to each other.