Sawyer Hollenshead's Gazette - Apr 12


If the entire history of the universe were conceptualized within one calendar year, modern, sedentary, agricultural human civilization would arrive 13 seconds before New Year’s Eve on December 31st.

Arthur C. Clarke famously stated that: “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

light travels so quickly that it can circle our planet 7 times in 1 second.

if you spend too much time on your computer or social networks, then you get brainwashed into thinking they matter more than they do.

The Great Discontent: Sara Blake — Sawyer Hollenshead

We’re using mapbox.js as our core open source mapping library

Todo — Sawyer Hollenshead

library.D3.js, a library for powering data-driven documents that has a broad range of applications, including mapping

Todo — Sawyer Hollenshead

You can tell a fair negative critic, a fair polemicist, by whether he or she quotes from the work under review.

The Believer - Renata Adler — Sawyer Hollenshead

I thought a computer would eliminate all that randomness, loss and disorder. But from the first day it was disaster. In those days, whenever those days were, even just to turn the computer off, the lower part of the screen had this question in its fuzzy way-SAVE: YES/OR NO? Who thinks about SAVE: YES/OR NO? You’re just turning the thing off. Who would assume No? The computer assumed No. Here you are working on something for days and days and days and then it’s gone. Awful.

The Believer - Renata Adler — Sawyer Hollenshead

Rather than present something interesting, or challenging the status-quo, they fart out T-shirts with two logos haphazardly smashed together, and hype the shit on their respective Instagrams as if they expect to be showered in medals and knighted by the Queen. I can’t say that I have any particular stake in the skateboarding industry, or own a lot of ‘swaggy’ sneakers, but when I see kids lining up outside of (generic ‘swaggy’ company) like a bunch of peasants hoping for a taste of potato, it makes me sad that they’re not spending their money on something meaningful, like drugs or girlfriends.

Caesy Oney, Draught Dry Goods — Sawyer Hollenshead